About Sandpipers

Sandpipers  Seacoast Children's Chorus is an auditioned treble chorus program for boys and girls ages 7-14, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Founded in 1993, the program introduces children to the finest choral music, and is widely recognized in the seacoast area for the quality of its performances and the unique educational opportunity it provides. Ideally, singers would participate for 1 - 2 years in the Prep Chorus before advancing to the Sandpipers.

The Sandpipers program emphasizes:

  • Healthy vocal development for young singers
  • An opportunity to develop choral singing skills: unison and 2, 3, 4-part singing (harmony)
  • Ear training and sight reading
  • An emphasis on cooperation and teamwork
  • A focus on rehearsal and self-confidence in performance
  • Pride in belonging to an auditioned singing group 
  • New friends from different Seacoast towns
  • Being part of something bigger than what an individual singer can do
  • The development of dedicated singers who continue to contribute enthusiastically to school choral programs, community events, and who carry their appreciation for singing into adulthood

We invite you to come to a concert or visit a rehearsal to learn more about our programs.  Visit the calendar to learn about our performances and other special events.

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