The Sandpipers Seacoast Childrens Chorus offers opportunitiy for children to receive training in choral skills and musicianship, and to experience the joy and fun of singing in an ensemble with high musical standards. The Sandpipers experience also fosters self-confidence, leadership, self-discipline and team work.

Sandpipers is for singers ages 9 through 14 who demonstrate an ability to explore more advanced levels of choral singing and performance. They move at an intensive pace, singing challenging repertoire in two, three, and four parts. Criteria for placement includes accurate pitch, developed tone, and an ability to sing in parts. Choir members must have the maturity and commitment to work diligently in weekly 90-minute rehearsals, and to review their music during the week at home. Previous choral experience is required.

Prep Chorus is our training chorus for singers ages 7 through 9 who demonstrate a proficiency to explore beginning choral repertoire in unison with simple two part singing. Skills introduced include vocal production, sight-reading, and ear training. Criteria for placement includes the ability to match pitch, remember a short melodic phrase, clap back rhythms, and to focus for a 60 minute rehearsal. Most singers are required to spend at least one year in Prep Chorus before being considered for Sandpipers. 



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